It's Not What We Sell, It's How We Sell.
Studio Logic Sound was created back in 1992 by George Hajioannou. Since that time we have been involved in a wide variety of studio projects including, design, renovation, and the creation of everything from small home studios and writing rooms to major East Coast facilities including Angel Mountain Sound in Bethlehem and the Legendary Sigma Sound in Philadelphia. We're proud to say that our work has been on the cover of MIX, EQ and almost every one of the major audio publications.

Originally, Hajioannou started the company with an emphasis on Pro Tools and Digidesign's products, since they were relatively unknown in the early 90s. He had mastered the digital recording and editing process and basically traveled to anyone's facility to help them install and integrate these new systems. Gradually, he began selling the other products he used and enjoyed while working with a wide variety of producers, engineers and industry leaders. For Hajioannou, STUDIO LOGIC SOUND has never emphasized hype and hot products of the day but rather looked to see what was really exciting in the working studios and what gear was solving the major audio problems that studio owners faced. Over the years, Hajioannou has worked for other companies setting up pro audio divisions and other outside facilities. However, in 2005, he decided to dedicate full time to STUDIO LOGIC SOUND and is now working with an exciting assortment of projects, products and programs dedicated to the progress of the engineer, producer and studio owner.