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Culture Vulture Mastering Plus

Culture Vulture Mastering Plus


This is the latest in the Culture Vulture range and is designed to be used both as a mastering tool and for those applications where balanced inputs and outputs are required plus some extreme distortion. It has lower noise, better frequency response, and greater accuracy in level controls by having a 3 position input gain switch and a 2 position output attenuator. We use Mullard M8100 low noise high gain valves in the input stage, a pair of GE 5725s for Distortion effects, and the Philips 5963 in the output. All are military grade valves for long life. There is an extra exciting distortion setting on the Function switch. This is labelled P2. Its similar to P1 (the most used, Pentode setting) but goes into mad distortion and compression when the valve is overloaded. The old P2 is now P3. In addition to the line level transformer balanced output, there is a lower level unbalanced output which can be used to go to inputs that require low level or if one wants to avoid the distortion in the output transformer.

So the main advantages over previous Vultures are:

* Transformer balanced inputs & outputs on stereo jacks

* Large indented input Drive controls with 3 position switch

* Indented Output level controls with attenuator switch

* 4 position Function control for distortion flavoursĀ

* Military grade valves with longer life and low microphony, including matched 5725 distortion valves

* Extended frequency response

* Lower noise
  • Model: Culture Vulture Mastering Plus
  • Manufactured by: Thermionic Culture Ltd.