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9762 Dual-Combo

9762 Dual-Combo


The Model 9762 Dual Combo is designed to emulate vintage 1970's era large frame consoles (i.e. Neveâ„¢ 1073/1272 Series) yet provide a more open and detailed sound by combining modern components with superior construction. We set out to take this design to the next level right from the very start and leveraged decades of component and transformer design improvements in the process.

Every detail was considered and pored over during development of this unit - the 9762 is NOT just another knock off unit! As a result, the 9762 is less "dark" but retains the giant Class-A transformer driven sound the vintage units are known for. Listen to the 9762 and hear why the details really do make a difference!

The 9762 uses a super high quality input transformer, manufactured by Lars Lundahl of Sweden, with excellent sonic properties that is considered by many to be one of the world’s finest input transformers. The preamp gain blocks and structure have been specifically optimized to match the input transformer characteristics as closely as possible. These refinements give the 9762 classic super fat sounds with the benefit of increased high-end openness and clarity.

Standard Features

Dual gain block Neve style structure with up to 75db overall gain.
Fully balanced transformer I/O's (+27dbu max output).
Low noise internal power supply fully mu-metal shielded.
Selectable High/Low-Z input impedance and output termination.
Independent regulation and fuse protection per channel.
High reliability gold contact relays used for all signal routing.
Super Hi-Z FET instrument DI input (switch selectable).
All discrete components in the signal path - no SMD parts.
  • Model: 9762 Dual-Combo
  • Manufactured by: RTZ Professional Audio