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Clariphonic MS

Clariphonic MS


This magical equalizer not only expands on the features and capabilities of the original Clariphonic, it also extends the functionality of every other piece of gear in your rack while sporting the same eye-popping, silky smooth sound that made the original a desert island mix buss EQ for thousands of engineers worldwide. (People’s eyes really do pop open the first time they hear this eq for themselves).

Clariphonic MS includes the most popular user-requested features from the past 7 years plus a few nobody thought to ask for, including 41-step detented pots for fast and precise recall, a single-switch relay-based Master Bypass, and a new Cut mode on the Focus band which gently softens and darkens harsh upper-mids the way analog tape used to.

But the heart of the new Clariphonic MS is a state-of-the-art Mid-Side processing, which doesn’t just unleash the power of MS processing on the Clariphonic: rear-panel pre-eq Mid and Side inserts allow you to use any processor in your rack in MS mode – any compressor, any eq, even colored preamps and stereo effects units – before dusting the result with the Clariphonic’s unique magic.
  • Model: Clariphonic MS
  • Manufactured by: Kush