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Mastering Insert Switcher

Mastering Insert Switcher


Regular John Recording - Mastering Insert Switcher

New from Regular John Recording - The Mastering Insert Switcher.
Stereo XLR Balanced line level inputs and outputs. Eight balanced stereo inserts connected via D-sub. All switching is done by relays. A flip switch for every two channels giving an infinite ways of chaining outboard gear together.

Each insert is a stereo insert.

Standard AES/EBU (tascam) cable is used for the analog inserts.

Each pair is switchable. Inserts 1 and 2 are switchable with each other. 3 and 4 are switchable with each other, etc.

So the possibilities are:

[(1->2) or (2->1)] ; [(3->4) or (4->3)] ; [(5->6) or (6->5)] ; [(7->8) or (8->7)]
  • Model: Mastering Insert Switcher
  • Manufactured by: Regular John Recording