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The AL-X712 is a large diaphragm “hybrid” condenser microphone hand-built in Nashville, TN that was designed to emulate the tonal characteristics of the legendary, vintage, AKG C12, and take those characteristics a few steps higher with our revolutionary LA-1 capsule design.

The combination of the X7 circuit and body with a LA-1 capsule yields a high end studio microphone with insane articulation, super sensitivity, and extremely low noise and distortion. You won’t hear anything else like it!


The heart of the X712 is our revolutionary LA-1 capsule. A modern redesign of the legendary CK12 edge terminated capsule found in vintage greats such as the AKG C12, AKG 414, and Telefunken ELAM 250/251. The LA-1 consists of precision machined 34mm backplates hand lapped to extremely tight tolerances that are skinned with ultra thin 1 Micron mylar platinum coated by our state of the art in house sputter machine. They are meticulously assembled and super fine tuned to yield the absolute ultimate microphone


The X7 is a cutting edge, completely transparent, solid state circuit of superior design. It is populated with only finest hand selected components available and is completely hand wired in house.


The X7’s body consists of all brass and stainless with the look and feel of a vintage microphone brought into the modern world. The “open air” headbasket was designed with no interior mesh as to yield sonic transparency and heighten sensitivity. The X7 body is finished out in beautiful plating and powdercoating to give them their unique modern look.
  • Model: AL-X712
  • Manufactured by: Luke Audio