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Edwina Pop Filter

Edwina Pop Filter


Highly effective pop filter that fits directly on the face of Edwina.

Incorporating a thin layer of foam and silk between screening and plates that exactly match the design of the Edwina, it adds great protection from plosives while blending seamlessly into Edwina's looks.

This is ideal for using Edwina as a close vocal mic with no worries about popping and no effect on the tone of the mic. The standard built-in silk pop filter in Edwina is effective for many uses and singers, but for close use on a loud stage you may want the added protection of this filter. It clips easily onto the face of Edwina, and is just as easily removed.


Hand made pop filter designed for our Edwina microphone.
Thin foam and silk in wire screen control plosives without affecting tone.
Perfectly matches Edwina in design and materials.
Clips hold filter securely to the face of Edwina.
dimensions: 3" diameter
  • Model: Edwina Pop Filter
  • Manufactured by: Ear Trumpet Labs