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Clariphonic DSP

Clariphonic DSP


The Clariphonic DSP, like its analog cousin, blends custom-tuned, silky smooth high frequency filters with the unprocessed, full range audio to crack open the midrange, presence, and air with an effortlessness that is unrivalled by any other plugin in existence. It’s effectiveness is matched only by its elegant simplicity, with toggle switches to select the filters and a knob that makes the gain go in one direction: up.

With two high-shelves running in parallel on each channel, and your choice of 6 unusual and carefully selected corner frequencies, there is no limit to the types of sweet high end the Clariphonic can produce. The internal parallel signal paths produce a form of additive-only high frequency equalization that is at once holographic, transparent, and virtually phaseless. You get effortless, natural high end for days.

32 & 64-bit AU, VST, RTAS & AAX (Mac)
32 & 64-bit VST & AAX (Win)
iLok 1 or 2 required
Mono/Stereo High Frequency Equalizer Plugin
Two shelving bands
Six unique corner frequencies from 800hz to 39k
Parallel signal paths for each band
Incredible clarity, minimal distortion and phase artifacts
Independent muting and solo’ing of each band
Effortless, foolproof operation, expensive results
  • Model: Clariphonic DSP
  • Manufactured by: Kush