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Orion32 HD

Orion32 HD


Antelope Audio, a leading interface company specializing in world class clocking, conversion and FPGA based vintage FX modeling, has announced the latest addition to its acclaimed Orion series of audio interfaces: Orion32 HD. Delivering 64 channels of stunning audio quality via HDX or USB3, the Orion32 HD is compatible with any DAW on the market, making it an excellent choice for users of both Pro Tools and Native systems.

Further, it also delivers Antelope Audio's superior clocking technology and powerful
Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) realtime effects modeling capabilities that have
made Antelope Audio interfaces stand apart from the competition.

“Antelope Audio is committed to raising possibilities and breaking down boundaries
with our interfaces," says Marcel James, Director of U.S. Sales for Antelope Audio. "By
bringing the potent combination of pristine conversion and our versatile FPGA sound shaping tools to both HDX and Native systems, we are opening yet another chapter in
our interface innovations. Studios can now easily switch between Pro Tools HD
Sessions and Natives DAW’s to accommodate the modern laptop producer in a flash.

King of Connectivity

With HDX, USB3, MADI, and ADAT, and S/PDIF connectivity and 32-in/32-out analog
input via DB25, the Orion32 HD has all the connectivity you need for a wide variety of
configurations in studios of all sizes. The Orion32 HD’s versatile routing and mixing
software console for Mac and Windows further increases the possibilities, now featuring
both Antelope’s classic color-coded routing matrix and an alternate matrix-style view to
make routing easy and intuitive. It also features movable and resizable panels to help
make the best use of your desktop real estate in multiscreen setups or when working on
scoring or other applications that require quickly jumping between applications and

Galactic Sound

The Orion32 HD delivers incredibly clear, accurate conversion thanks to Antelope’s
best-in-class 64-BIT Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management
technology. A long time innovator in the field, the Orion32 HD, like the OCX HD and
Trinity master clock before it, achieves depth and detail in stereo imaging and transient
accuracy that ensures the most precise audio capture and playback.
Two Word Clock or Loopsync Outs allow the Orion to serve as the centerpiece of your
recording setup, or take your sound even further by using the Orion’s 10M/10MX Clock
Inputs to connect Antelope Audio’s famous 10M or 10MX atomic clocks for unparalleled
sonic perfection. The Orion32 HD also features mastering-grade monitor output
borrowed from Antelope’s popular Pure2 Mastering Converter to ensure signal integrity
in the analog domain.

Compact Vintage

Antelope has been revolutionizing audio processing with its comprehensive suite of
FPGA effects, providing hardware models of some of the most desirable vintage effects
with near-zero latency. Antelope’s library of free FPGA effects is constantly growing and
already includes a deep collection of equalizers, compressors, and guitar amplifier
models based on analog gear used on countless hit records. Antelope’s fast FPGA
processing, which measures only 2 samples of audio latency, helps these effects feel and behave just like the hardware they are based on, and also allows users to setup multiple near-zero latency monitor mixes right within the Orion32 HD’s mixer.

Silent Hero

Designed for efficiency, the Orion32 HD has no need for an internal fan, keeping your
studio free of noise pollution without requiring expensive isolation racks or a standalone
machine room. The Orion32 HD also only requires a single rack space to deliver its
dizzying 64 channels of I/O, making it perfect for space-conscious home and project
studios as well as gear-saturated professional studios.
  • Model: Orion32 HD
  • Manufactured by: Antelope Audio