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RAM System 500

RAM System 500


Standing for Reference Audio Monitoring systems, this whole new line is the result of more than 2 years of intensive, full time R&D at the Heritage Audio Headquarters.
With audiophile grade sound quality in mind and sets of features custom tailored for studios of all kinds, sizes and budgets, the R.A.M. systems share the same state of the art technology and core analog audio path, from the smallest brother, the RAM System 500, to the full featured, 5.1 ready, RAM System 5000.
All 3 products employ relay switching all the way through as their working principle, including the 64 step relay ladder attenuator system employed for the master level, only previously found in the mega expensive units.
Also present is the acclaimed HA Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices.
A classic look, with massive red knob for easily dialing of the 64 steps of attenuation, rounds the pack.

The RAM Systems finally makes mastering grade monitoring affordable.
Common technical highlights:
- 64 step, relay ladder attenuator based, master volume control in 1dB steps.
- All gold plated relay based switching of every function, including inputs and outputs.
- Burr Brown, state of the art analog circuitry, used throughout for the lowest noise and distortion, and highest transparency technology can deliver nowadays.
- Ultra high current, high level, audiophile quality headphone amplifiers, able to drive any headphones – high or low impedance- to deafening levels without any coloration or noise.

RAM SYSTEM 500 special features:
- 2 slot wide 500 Series module.
- 3 stereo inputs available, including one on the front on Neutrik Combo connectors, and a Bluetooth input ( AAC, APTX and SBC)
- 1 stereo speaker output available
- 1 high current headphone output, using the same exact circuit as in their biggest brother.
- 20 dB DIM, MUTE and MONO functions.
- MSRP $499
  • Model: RAM System 500
  • Manufactured by: Heritage Audio